UZBIC - Business and Industrial
Council of Uzbekistan

Uzbicmarket is structured as one of the most transparent global B2B marketplaces, bringing together millions of potential wholesalers, buyers and sellers. We are READY to provide real, fast and innovative trading solutions with all new and smart features to make trading more efficient Uzbicmarket is a well-known B2B platform that connects buyers with effective digital solutions and services to further enhance the brand.


UZBIC participated in various business forums in foreign countries as part of its work, and the organization assisted entrepreneurs in exporting products worth $ 10,000,000 to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan alone in 2022. We created our own trading platform after raising the pointers to a new level.

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We have branches in 5 countries, they are engaged in quickly finding solutions to the problems of member entrepreneurs and looking for new customers.

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Entrepreneurs who trusted us and whose products have been exported and are expected to be exported with our help.

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Our members can provide customers with more than 150 types of products.